It's always a good time shooting with Roy. So, last week we  jumped into the MCA sound stage here in Newark and shot another music video with him. The song is entitled Traveler

We set out to depict a "dream world" where Roy is trapped- spinning in circles in his own mind. Throughout the video he is visited by 3 people. All representing a temptation and influence every person is confronted with in their lives. To put it simply Roy criticizes the framework of society. Whats not to love?

Along the road of pre-production we incorporated a lot of our own taste in to the set which was fun. Throughout the video you'll see a lot of vintage props, our favorite books,                Maxwell and Daniel on set                                                           WWII clippings, and much more.                                                        
          The song will speak for itself, we just hope our story telling will enhance your understanding of Roy's poetry.
           This is gonna be a good one... Should be out in a few weeks. Until then, enjoy these stills and get stoked! 

After driving while holding a table out of the sunroof of a MINI, burning our hands on lights, a bunch of chicken wings and picking up hundreds of poker chips off the floor, we are excited to finally release the Wolves Den Spring Cypher ft. Zumbi of Zion I, Caustic, Ruby Ibarra, & A-1. 
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Also coming this month:

Roy Omari - "Traveler"
A teaser we put together for the Wolves Den Spring Cypher we shot last week. Be sure to check out the artists!

Zumbi of Zion I | A-1 | Ruby Ibarra | Caustic

Stampeed Mediaworks is proud to release: 1rvmista - "Do it Again" Ft. Mike Marshall

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Stampeed Mediaworks is proud to announce that the new video for 1rvmista's "Do it Again" will be out in a couple of weeks! We have been working hard to get this video out, and are excited to release it. Be sure to check out 1rvmista on facebook.


Check out Jeffrey Narvaez and Stampeed's own Daniel Vazquez new band Drawbridge.


Vocals: Jeffrey Narvaez
Guitar: Daniel Vazquez
Video by: Daniel Vazquez
Be on the look out for updates on these upcoming music video projects:

Roy Omari Video
We are currently in the pre-production process for an unreleased track from Roy Omari. Shooting will begin in just a few weeks. Be sure to check out Roy Omari, a long time friend of Stampeed Mediaworks.

1rvmista - "Do it Again" Video
Due to conflicting schedules, the dates for this project have been pushed back a month, but we are currently in the preproduction process at this point.

Harsh Vibes - "HV CRU" Video
An experimental music video is in discussion with the hardcore band Harsh Vibes started by Stampeed's long time friend Samuelito Cruz out of Newark, CA. Be on the look out for this one of a kind video.

Don't forget to check out these artists pages, too!

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"Bye Bye Baby" - Written & directed by Taylor Reynolds.

Taylor Reynolds is a long time supporter of Stampeed Mediaworks, and has helped out on countless of our projects. We are proud to debut her short film "Bye Bye Baby", a creepy dark comedy about a girl (Julie Mendoza) who coughs up more than expected.

Be sure to check out her work and help this piece get recognized!